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We are proud to be the exclusive authorised distributor of Orange Padel courts within the UK Market. 


Designed in Holland, championed in Suffolk, inspired by Mexico.

Orange Padel International has over 20 years experience in engineering, designing and manufacturing Padel courts.

Surftech Surfaces are the UK’s leading manufacturer of coatings and systems for sports surfaces.

It's the perfect match.


Orange Padel courts meet all international, Spanish and World Padel Tour requirements - the new standard in the world of Padel. 


They combine the Mexican roots of the Padel sport, with Dutch advanced technology and engineering qualities. The courts are developed for optimal playing comfort, with reinforced structures that ensure an extended life cycle and low maintenance.


On top of that, the installation process is fast and easy. Then to enhance this further again and specifically for the UK market, Orange Padel developed the most rigid courts - certified by KIWA - to last and withstand the unpredictable metrological conditions. Standing strong over the test of time... and the British weather!

The Orange Padel court solutions are the best in market and you won't find them anywhere else in the UK, than with Surftech Surfaces.

Image by Manuel Pappacena

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