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10TH Year as the chosen court surface at the ABN AMRO ATP 500.


PROFLEX , Surftech surfaces premium court surface brand has been the preferred court surface for a decade at the ATP 500 tournament in Rotterdam. The tournament, sponsored by ABN AMRO Bank has long been a tournament for up and coming talent, as well as well-known names such as Rodger Federer and Andy Murray to name a few. To mark the 50th year anniversary the organisers have made improvements to the tournament set up this year, by adding an additional PROFLEX court, taking the number of courts to eight.

As well as securing 5 of the top 10 ATP ranked players, the tournament will we see the return of past winners Andy Murry and Stan Wawrinka playing on the PROFLEX Hardcourt surface. The tournament which starts on the 11th February boasts singles, doubles and wheelchair tournament side by side and will be televised on Amazon Prime and Tennis TV.

Delivery Van

New team member announcement

March 1st 2021

SurfTech is delighted to announce the recent appointment of an important new member of staff, Tony Head. Formerly with Sports Coatings, Tony has joined THE SurfTech team with responsibility for warehousing and logistics. Tony brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience regarding our customers bespoke delivery requirements and is eager for the season to get underway so he can put that knowledge and experience to full affect.
SurfTech's Managing Director, Duncan Wilson, picks up the story, "when the opportunity arose to recruit Tony, I acted without hesitation. From my own time at Sports Coatings, I'm acutely aware of the depth of Tony's customer knowledge, service ethos and the fact that he's one of those individuals that really does go that extra mile to help others out, which is a quality that dovetails perfectly with SurfTech's prevailing culture. Tony will be a real asset to the business, and I would take this opportunity to wholeheartedly welcome him into the SurfTech team and look forward to working with him again."

Recycling Bin

Surftech Bucket Recycling Scheme

January 1st 2021

It's SurfTech's guiding belief that it should design, manufacture and supply its products in a responsible and sustainable manner that helps to protect our ecology and the environment from avoidable harm. Indeed, SurfTech's deployment of water-based technology in the design and manufacture of its sports surface coatings is the cornerstone of its ecological and environmental care policy. By entering into an arrangement with its plastic container supplier that enables it to recycle used containers on behalf of its customers, SurfTech will fortify its commitment to this policy and be the first and only coatings manufacturer in the sports surface industry to provide this unique service. What's more, plastic container recycling will be another step on SurfTech's path to fulfilling its long-held aspiration of becoming a carbon neutral manufacturer.

Working Cafe

Customer support measures

January 1st 2021

With the UK's departure from the European Union now complete, we're assured by our raw material and packaging suppliers that our supply lines will be unaffected by this. Moreover, we're confident that we have systems in place that'll enable us to deal with any scenario that Brexit might throw at us this year.

  • On 1 January 2021, SurfTech became members of the Sports and Play Construction Association - SAPCA, giving additional credibility to our activities in the sports surface industry.

  • To guarantee no interruptions to our customers' supply line and in accordance with government guidelines, SurfTech's factory and offices will continue to be Covid-19 secure.

  • By acquiring the warehousing unit adjacent to SurfTech's factory, we've more than doubled our storage capacity. Furthermore, this will enable us to commence our sports court paint stock build up within the next 4-5 weeks.

  • We've entered into a recycling arrangement with our container supplier, enabling us to recycle our customers' used containers on their behalf - a nominal charge for this will be levied.

  • The formulation of Truline, our porous asphalt line-marking paint, has been modified, giving it a level of opacity superior to its market competitors.

  • To enable our customers to demonstrate our standard colours to prospective clients, we've an inexhaustible stock of paint colour-cards waiting to be sent out to you.

  • To minimise the visual impact of rust-spotting on porous asphalt sports surfaces, we're launching out fully-trialled Rust-spotting Inhibition process.


Porous Asphalt rust spotting

November 1st 2020

As it's the nation's desire to participate in sport all year round and due to our characteristic climate, the UK's outdoor sports courts are, in many instances, built using porous asphalt. Indeed, the permeable nature of this material allows surface rainwater to readily drain through its interstitial spaces, enabling a swift return to play once rain subsides. Once built, porous asphalt sports courts are invariably painted, with the paint itself helping to protect against elemental degradation and abrasive foot activity, alongside providing the court with performance characteristics required by national governing bodies – LTA (tennis) and AENA (netball), together with SAPCA and Sport England.

The main constituent of porous asphalt is granite aggregate, with this aggregate being bound together with bitumen to create the composite material from which the court is built. Granite is an igneous rock formed by the cooling and solidification of magma or lava. Moreover, granite mined from seams in the UK can be contaminated with iron disulphide, or pyrite. In the presence of water, pyrite reacts with oxygen to form iron oxide, or rust. As water is frequently present in a porous asphalt court, rust can be readily generated within the body of the court, with the extent of this determined by the quantity of pyrite in the court and the volume of water draining through it. It's reasonable to say, therefore, that the rate at which rust is generated within a court can be seasonally influenced, with the generally wetter autumn and winter months yielding higher concentrations.

With the permeable nature of porous asphalt sports courts and due to capillary action, rust can be readily conveyed from the body of a sports court up to its surface, with this leading to characteristic reddish brown staining on the court's painted surface, colloquially referred to as rust-spotting. Although rust-spotting has no deleterious effects on the court's surface, in the most severe cases its aesthetic appeal can be compromised. Furthermore, the appearance of reddish brown stains on the surface of a sports court can be somewhat distracting for the players, particularly in the case of tennis.

Rust-spotting can manifest itself very soon after a porous asphalt sports court has been built and painted, with the extent of this determined by the quantity of pyrite within the body of the court together with seasonal rainfall patterns. However, following extensive laboratory work and field trials, SurfTech's highly-innovative technical team has developed a process that subdues the visual appearance of rust spots, lessening their cosmetic impact and their capacity to distract players.

SurfTech's process is designed to eradicate unsightly rust-spotting on a sports court's painted surface and to lessen its impact when it inevitably returns at some point during the remainder of the court's service life. In other words, we have developed a process that will eliminate rust-spotting currently visible on a court's painted surface, with this process also minimising the impact of rust-spotting that occurs thereafter. Indeed, SurfTech's process can be repeated each time a porous asphalt sports court is re-painted, considerably reducing the visual impact of rust-spotting over its life span.

SurfTech's rust inhibition process is applicable to the following types of porous asphalt sports courts:

  • Tennis courts

  • Netball courts

  • Sport England Type 1 multi-use games areas (MUGAs)

  • Sport England Type 2 multi-use games areas (MUGAs)

Modern Office

New Members of Staff

May 1st 2020

SurfTech Surfaces Limited is delighted to announce the recent acquisition of two important new members of staff, Mike Burton and Stuart Chapman.
As Sports Coatings' former Technical Sales Manager, Mike is a well-known face in the sports surface industry and brings with him unrivalled knowledge of the porous-asphalt sector.
Stuart was Sports Coatings' longstanding Production Manager and he comes with a wealth of experience in the manufacture and quality control of spray-applied coatings and line-marking paints for porous-asphalt sports surfaces.
Duncan Wilson, SurfTech's Managing Director, takes up the story, "When the opportunity arose to recruit Mike and Stuart, I acted without hesitation to bring them into our existing and highly-dedicated team.
"Both Mike and Stuart are former colleagues from my own time at Sports Coatings and I was acutely aware of the knowledge and experience they possessed and the added value they would both bring to SurfTech's day-to-day operations.
"Working from home in Leicester, Mike joins us in the role of Technical Sales Manager and will combine forces with Craig Wilson, our existing Technical Sales Manager, to provide our customers with guidance on product specification and application, together with advice on the correct maintenance procedures.
"At SurfTech, Mike will also reprise his essential on-site technical support role, complimenting the work already being undertaken by Craig.
Stuart is based at our purpose-built manufacturing unit in Stanton, Suffolk, and will provide our Operations Manager, Liam Wilson, and his team with vital support as the company continues to successfully manage the recent acquisition of a whole raft of important new customers.
I would take this opportunity to welcome Mike and Stuart into SurfTech's devoted team and wish them every success in their future ventures with the company."

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